Redline Racing Ultimate 8 Plate Clutch Kit


This is the ultimate 8 plate clutch kit with the following items included!

One Clutch Basket:

Anodized billet clutch basket for Yamaha Banshee with 5/16 hardware and steel backing plate. This billet clutch basket is made in house by Redline Racing’s CNC machine.

One 8 Plate Inner Hub & Pressure Plate:

This new modified OEM inner hub and pressure plate ready to accept 8 plates. Will work with our billet clutch basket and some others. This modified OEM inner hub and pressure plate is used for bigger high horsepower motors we use this on motors 150 HP or more. Offers better clutch control having an extra plate.

One Clutch Kit:

Made from the best clutch accessories available. This clutch kit includes Japanese friction plates, Barnett steels and our custom springs. In addition each kit has 8 frictions, 6 steels and 6 springs. Springs are available in 55 pound springs.


Additionally check out our website for the best performance parts! Clutch Kit paired great with our billet clutch basket. A variety of clutch kits and straight cut gears in stock now. We stock all the Yamaha Banshee OEM parts & performance parts for our racing community! In short we are here for all your Banshee needs!

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