Cam has helped me tremendously with putting together this 421! Being in Louisiana a lot of the local guys all have the same builder so I called redline and spoke with cam about porting, carbs, exhaust etc….so I shipped my parts and had cam go through everything carbs, intake , reeds,cylinders had everythingport matched with his custom domes. Will definitely be building another redline motor soon!

Jordan Salles

Redline has built all of my duners and drag bikes, Cameron is the best in the industry and most of all is as honest as they come. My current engine that he built he went above and beyond and runs with the fastest in the country.

Kenny Spalding

you know I’ll only ever go to you guys for stuff. Support local and believe you’re the best in the game. Theirs a reason my shit always runs at the track/dunes and it’s because of Redline Racing 💪🏻💪🏻 Redline built 10 super (turbo chassis)Redline drag ported 421 cub (red bike)

Eric Wells

I had two motors built by cam on both of my banshees. They run phenomenal. Best builder hands down.

Cord Heideman

Cameron made this trike flat out run. He worked his magic & got some amazing hp numbers out of it! Can’t say enough about the quality work done by Redline Racing.

Mike Peterson

Cameron at Redline Racing is one of the best builders in the Banshee world. Cameron’s customer service is 2nd to none. Great pricing, great customer service, reliable builds, from mild to wild. We’ve been in this sport for 20 years and Redline is the best partner I’ve had in this sport, ever!

Shannon Purdy