Pro Mod Banshee Transmission


The Redline Racing Pro Mod Banshee transmission is the best shifting tranny you can go play and race with. It uses the clutch to disengage during all shifts, but is much smoother and precise.

  • Our new pro mod tranny starts as all new OEM Yamaha parts.
  • We machine the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th counter shaft gears to be 3 dog instead of the factory 6 dog. This certainly allows for smoother engagement between high load shifts on high HP banshees.
  • After that all gears and shafts are tumbled/polished as a results it provides a smoother engagement.
  • Add a bearing to the stator side of drum for smoother rotation.
  • We use our lighter detention spring for less shift lever tension.
  • Use different shims thickness on 2nd gear for deeper engagement.

Add new bearings, forks or shift rails to the order if needed.

Only what’s pictured comes with the base tranny kit.

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